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The Grey Wolf
08 June 2010 @ 12:06 am
Hooray! First rehearsal went well! Well, barring one actor who was a no call no show? Not sure what's going on there, but I'm sure there was a reason for it. We were missing a few members of the Children's Chorus as well, but we have the bulk of them there with our adult cast. I have a grand total of 32 kids and 28 adults in the show. Go go go Joseph indeed!

So, the summer is officially off to a running start.

I had to correct all the paperwork with the weekend cast changes, and send those out to be copied this morning. Thankfully, we got them back in time in order to put together actor packets (schedules, calendars, contact sheets, bio forms, emergency information forms, more contact sheets and wallet cards, etc.) for rehearsal this evening.

We got our first rehearsal space taped out today, despite some setbacks with our spike tape. The order from almost 2 weeks ago never came in, so I had enough spike tape in my personal stash to lend a few roles to the cause (to be replenished when the real spike tape arrives). We'll put down dance numbers (marks every few feet on the front of the stage to allow for spacing and blocking here) tomorrow and add a few more tape lines and things. Hope the shop has gaff tape: I am completely out, and have no solutions if the shop doesn't have any. Could get interesting!

I have a lot of paperwork to do tomorrow, but overall, I feel like the first rehearsal went fairly well, and I got to hear the cast sing through the show for the first time. I figure if my ASM can handle fixing up the floor, I can get the production meeting agenda all figured out and update some more paperwork. I also need to get in touch with our wayward actor and figure out why he missed rehearsal. And update my actor email list. And check in with that one actor about some conflicts. And maybe organize my desk. And probably about 20 other things I haven't thought of yet.

I am however proud of myself today, as I left my office for about 30 minutes and went and got lunch with an actor of mine who was helping me out for the day on floor taping and actor packet stuffing. I'm making strides towards not living in my office all the time. This is kind of my goal for the summer, as there needs to be a separation, however slight, from work and well, not work.

In other applaud-able efforts, I've read two books in the past two weeks. Alice Borchardt's "The Dragon Queen" was okay. I really enjoyed "The Silver Wolf," but I've had a hard time getting into some of her other books. I also read "Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned" by Wells Tower (he had a book reading in Iowa I went to) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's this collection of short stories about people whose lives have not turned out as they wanted with the occasional cliffhanger or just disappointing ending, but it was a rather delightful short read, and while I didn't laugh, it made me realize in perspective that my life isn't actually as bad as I sometimes may think it is.
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The Grey Wolf
01 June 2010 @ 05:17 pm
So, I'm installed in my new place, albeit not particularly happily, as I've been fighting bugs all weekend long. That, and I think I'm having some sort of allergic reaction to my apartment here in Wisconsin (I'm working in Wisconsin again for the summer for one of my professors from Iowa stage mananging). It looks like I have some sort of leprosy on my hands, as in the morning I have all these red itchy-ish spots on my hands, and when in my office during the day they seem to be much less red and angry. Still itchy though. I'm not cure what's going on, but I think I'm going to go home and try washing my sheets and see if maybe that helps anything. Another theory is that it might be from some home pesticides I've sprayed about to clear up the infestation of ants, fruit flies and tiny jumping spiders. Not cool at all.

I've come to realize that my office mate and ASM for the summer is a bit like a battery lacking a charge. He is a nice enough guy, however sitting with him for long periods at a time in a room feels like losing energy in a way. I mean, sometimes you meet people, and they have a really soothing presence, or they give off a nervous energy or something. My ASM is kind of like hitting a brick wall - the energy just sort of stops and that's it. Fizzles out. It is disconcerting for me, as I'm generally speaking a fairly energetic individual and very aware of other energies, and he's totally throwing off my groove. I just feel sort of weak and disoriented in a way as a result.

I've also been having some pretty mean headaches lately, so it seems like my body, aside from the leprosy, sneezing allergy fits, and other odd maladies is falling apart on several fronts. Maybe I'll head home and actually turn the air conditioning on tonight and see if that helps anything. If the hand leprosy keeps up, I may need to go see a doctor, as it seriously does look a little iffy-ish, and I don't want to frighten any of the parents of the 30 children in my show into thinking I'm sick or shouldn't be around their precious kids. That would just be bad. And I really need this paycheck to make my rent for the summer and all that jazz.
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The Grey Wolf
18 April 2010 @ 02:36 am
Okay, so this is a rant and I recognize that fact, but at the same time, I'm a little peeved right now.

So, I opened a show last night, and granted, opening night when many of your cues got cut/changed after the last dress and you only set the huge intermission choreographed actor accordion player thing at the last dress makes for a rough-ish opening night. Also, the assistant sound designer wandered into the booth to "tweak" something, and un-preset the sound levels on the board, so essentially there was no sound for the first 20 minutes of Act 1 that could be heard in the house. Cool. We pressed onward and for the record, tonight was absolutely gorgeous!

Anyway, so theatre has this odd tradition of giving gifts to team members. In this case, as a stage manager, I always get a gift for my director (somehow show related, in this case, a bottle of French Red Bicyclette wine since the play is set in France & a character rides a red bicycle in it). I got my ASM a bottle of Mad Housewife wine, and changed the label to make it Mad Woman wine and made it all clever and show related. And I always get my deck and costume crew bags of Lifesavers candy, and remind them that they are my lifesavers (haha - lame not funny pun).

So, anyways, I got some nice cards and notes from designers, and a thank you card from my director. Cool. Not everyone participates in the theatre traditions and whatnot, and I really got him the bottle of wine because I felt it appropriate since this is his thesis show, and I did have a nice time working with him. I was feeling pretty good about it all, until about 5 minutes before the show starts, my sound designer runs into my booth to stash his stuff so he doesn't have to keep it in the house with him during the show, and remarks that he just got a bottle of wine as a gift from the director.

*Blink blink*

Okay. Cool. He's a senior undergrad student. He's the sound designer. We had graduate scenic designer, and a pair of professional New York costume and lighting designers. But he gives a gift to the undergrad?

Ummm...he wasn't in the rehearsal room for 5 weeks with the actors and the director. He didn't come early to set up all the cafe tables and chairs in said rehearsal room or move the heavy chaise lounge from the shop every night. He wasn't constantly running around scheduling things and making sure everything was going okay throughout the whole process.

This designer couldn't get me a preliminary cue list of any sort until 10:30 pm the night before our tech started at 11:00 am. And then he revised that cue sheet again around 11:15 pm, and changed ALL the cue letters on me, so I had to go through and completely re-mark everything I already had. And then once we get into tech, he doesn't have half the sound cues for Act 1, and absolutely none for Act 2. Can you say totally not prepared nor professional?

And yet, HE gets a bottle of wine as a thank you present? I cry injustice. I'm not trying to be like all bitchy and mean about it or seem like I feel I deserve a gift, because quite frankly, having the show up and running well is a great gift. I just don't feel like this particular individual deserved it either, not when others of us were prepared and keeping the team on track and like, ya'know, doin' our job.

And the thing is that this director is so nice and sweet and all that jazz, so I'm wondering if he thinks I fucked up his show in some way? If so, it wasn't intentional, as I take pride in my shows too. I just feel like I did so much to make this a great thesis production for him and keep things running smoothly. I'm just going to assume that he is displeased at the way I did something, then this whole silly thing feels so much less like any kind of personal snub. Nice try, but I guess I'll try harder next time.

I also just accepted a summer job in Wisconsin. I'm going to be SMing "Joseph" which should be a fun adventure. I think I need the distance from Iowa for a bit, although I don't think I'll end up fitting in there either. I'm sort of without a home right now in my mind at least, which is confusing for a poor little cancer who puts so much stock in her home life.
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The Grey Wolf
14 April 2010 @ 01:37 pm
So, in other news, I completely spaced today and missed my class. I thought for some reason it was at 12:30 rather than 11:30, so by the time I arrived, class was over.

I'm a little disappointed in myself for many very good reasons here. I don't think I've ever done this before, and this class has always been at 11:30. I think tech and the subsequent nightmares I've been having all night, every night for the past week have really been messing with my head. Yikes.

I might go take a walk outside in a bit to help clear my head. Maybe I'll go climb a tree or something.
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The Grey Wolf
13 April 2010 @ 01:24 am
I'm exhausted and physically drained from teching a show. Last week was an emotionally intense week to boot too.

Got into a fight with a friend Sunday night. Didn't talk to him for a week. We now seem to be slightly back on speaking terms.

My grandfather, David G. Simons, passed away on Monday. I got that call about an hour before walking into the rehearsal room.

My dad went in for minor surgery this past Friday, and was not doing well for like two days, but is now doing better.

I'm just tired, and running on caffeine and cigarettes can only carry you so far. I really need a day off. Oh wait...nope...I don't get one of those! Silly me.

Got a job offer for Wisconsin. I don't want to take it, but I think the distance from people in town here might do me well.

I feel really broken right now. Like I'm the toy that no one really loved, but took off the shelf to give to their baby brother to chew on. It's a weird feeling, and I just don't think I'm going to shake it for a while.

I just need an answer, and sadly, I don't think there is one forthcoming.
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The Grey Wolf
03 April 2010 @ 11:41 pm
I tech in a week for my first mainstage here. That's a scary thought.

Thankfully, I just finished up with a class for the semester, so a little more just hopped off my plate of 'To Do' goodness.

Everything is keeping on keeping on it seems. I'm tired, a bit stressed, and busy. I also have a migraine the size of Michigan right now, which is NOT helping, but overall I'm pretty positive that I can get it all done.

I've been in the Theatre Building since 9 am this morning. It is almost midnight. I have not left all day. I'm hoping to head home soon, 'cause I'm getting hungry:(

I just have a lot to do. And miles to go before I sleep...
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The Grey Wolf
21 March 2010 @ 10:31 pm
I left him alone for three days and came back to find nothing destroyed. Hooray!

I got back from Minneapolis earlier, where I got to tour and see productions at both the Children's Theatre Company and the Guthrie, which were both incredible. Definitely considering moving to Minneapolis after graduation, as I found I rather liked the town. It's kind of what I imagine Detroit must have looked like in its heyday, and there were some very cool buildings downtown with very interesting architecture.

Overall, I had a really good time (despite some in-fighting amongst the graduate stage managers, although we eventually split into two factions which solved a lot of issues). It was kind of dumb, with the fighting, as it started with one 3rd year harping on me for my "terrible" driving of the rented van up to Minneapolis. Note that it was 8 am, and NO ONE else (including her) volunteered to drive, and all of them (5 in total) were content to fall asleep in the van and leave it to me to figure out directions and whatnot. And the other one who was supposed to be helping me navigate tuned out to her ipod. Very helpful. Note the sarcasm.

So, we got there, and I got reamed out about my driving by this one bitch, but stayed very calm and friendly about it and refused to get mad. Getting mad would just be pointless anyway. Essentially the teams were me, T & M on one side, and E, J & G on the other. (E being the unhelpful navigator & G harping about my driving.) So, I switched into the car that T drove and stuck with them. T has a very restrictive diet (can't eat MSG, which is in EVERYTHING!!) so we needed to find special food for her, which drove the other team crazy for some reason, and then M started having some issues with flareups of a pre-existing condition, so she was having trouble walking, which pissed the other team off more. I gave up trying to make peace, and just tried to stay cheery and get along as best I could with everyone. So ridiculous.

G was on my nerves because she was complaining about my driving. Yes I drive fast. My motto is "drive it like you stole it" with thanks to my mother. J is generally always on my nerves. E was on my nerves because she kept complaining about how she had no money and was bringing food with her to eat and blah blah blah because she just spent 2 grand on a trip to Greece in August. She CHOSE to spend this money. She SAVED UP for this trip, and CHOSE to spend this money. And she wouldn't shut up about it. The whole 'effin trip. Guess what bitch? I just spent almost 2 grand on car repairs. I DID NOT have that saved up, and DID NOT CHOOSE to spend that money voluntarily. I will NOT be taking a vacation with that money later on. And when I mentioned this to her, she completely ignored me and went on about how broke she was for a trip she CHOSE to go on. Can you tell why I'm a bit pissy here?

Anyway, saw a really cool production of "Brief Encounters" at the Guthrie, which used projections in a fantastic way! People stepped through the screen and then would appear in the projection. Awesome! Also, there was a part where a train enters the station and pulls away, and they pulled a white curtain across stage and the train projection was racing in the direction the curtain was going, so it looked very very cool! And the best part is we were able to get rush tickets, which saved a LOT of money (like, $25 vs. $65).

So, even though I had to spend major money on my car earlier this week, I was really good financially on this trip and only ended up spending about $80 for three days worth of food and show tickets for the Guthrie and parking. I felt pretty darn good about that, and notice that I DID NOT spend the whole trip complaining about having no money boo hoo poor me pity me pay attention to me? Yeah.

Still no updates on summer work. I'm hoping I get Summer Rep here, but I'm doubtful. The paycheck would help a lot towards paying off the car repairs on the credit card. If not, I'll probably start putting in for part time retail work or night stock or something at a bunch of the retail stores around here. There might be something up at the mall if I get really lucky, or I can always try at one of the big box hardware stores and see if they might hire me as I definitely have the background for the work. I'm sure whatever happens, it will all work itself out alright. It usually does.

At least all my car issues happened before tech week. For the fact alone that all of this happened during spring break, I am eternally grateful to whomever might be looking out for me upstairs.

So, my very cuddly cat is now super very cuddly because there has been no one around here for several days. I have a feeling that every time I'm in the apartment for the next week, I'm going to end up with a cat attached to me somehow. He's currently curled in my lap pretending to sleep. I know he's still awake because his tail is twitching and he's purring much too loudly to be asleep for real.
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The Grey Wolf
15 March 2010 @ 05:52 pm
In yet another fun fun adventure, my car is in for automotive repairs. Repairs to the tune of nearly $2000.


I'm not much thrilled either. Apparently when I break a car, I really break a car. Both of the front struts & mounts need to be replaced along with a broken stabilizer bar, and then that all needs to be aligned. To the tune of $1400. Also, the back wheel bearing is loose and needs replacing/fixing. To the tune of $550. And my tail light is burned out, so they're going to replace that too. Also, it seems like there are a few other non-fatal car issues with the oil filter needing to eventually be replaced and the transmission fluid needing to be changed, but I'm going to take care of those at a later point in time.

Grr fuss. Just when I thought I was going to get ahead financially too. Well, looks like the extra money that I made in January working in the opera scene shop is going to be put to good use. I'm really glad now that I took that work, as it helps a LOT! At least this didn't happen during tech week!
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The Grey Wolf
13 March 2010 @ 01:42 am
I can't sleep. So I managed to pull myself out of bed, fire up the computer, and pop on here to share this with the world. I'm so close to spring break I can taste the copious quantities of alcohol that I am likely to consume (the tech schedule last weekend only ate up about a 5th of my 5th of whiskey, so there's still a good portion in the bottle to get me through the week). I realize that while I'll never be an alcoholic, stress and the theatre lifestyle do not by themselves incline me towards blatant sobriety either.

I do however have a lot of work to get done this week, and so I've promised that I'm going to apply myself very hard to my work, in order that I can continue to get good grades and prove to myself that I am occasionally intelligent. I've been having a few bouts of doubts about this. That, and I feel like I've made some less than stellar decisions lately, but I think I always feel a little that way.

I'm still waiting to hear back about summer employment stuff, and no word on that yet, so everything is up in the air once again. I'm sure I'll figure something out. I'm pretty resourceful most of the time, so I figure even if I end up working part time in retail or something, I'll be just fine. I've managed to save up a goodly portion of my assistantship checks so far this year & the overhire shop work helped a lot, so I'm not completely up the creek without a paddle if I need to take a pocketbook hit this summer. So yeah.

The cat hasn't been the best of company lately, because although he's cuddly, it's on his terms. Very cat-like, I know.

I've been listening to a lot of music lately, but this has continued to make me happy. A lot of new bands for me at any rate. I'm currently digging on Owl City and Passion Pit. I've been listening to more downtempo-esque music of late. Perhaps I'm mellowing out a little more, or just appreciating the contrast to my hectic lifestyle a bit more. Either way, I'm enjoying it all.

I think my goal for spring break is going to be doing some Iowa exploration in addition to work. I definitely need to pick me up some cheese from Kalona, and maybe I'll take part of a day and go thrift store shopping in Cedar Rapids or something. Part of me wants to get away and needs to get of me, and part of me is drawn back here like a magnet.

K. I think I'm going to go to bed now. Or at least lay there and pretend to sleep.
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The Grey Wolf
25 February 2010 @ 12:21 pm
I've come to the realization that if I am awake for about 18 hours in a day, by that 18th hour, I start getting loopy. I had to be up at like 6:30 am yesterday for an early meeting, and then was up and active all day until about 2 am. But I was leaving the Theatre Building around 12:30/1 am and was super crazy-ish. But, I am however, back in rehearsals and so far so good with the Madwoman of Chaillot!

I have a lot of things to do, but we'll see how much I actually accomplish today. I need to write a cover letter for a job, but that shouldn't take me too long once I sit down and do it. The job market this summer really really sucks for theatre, like much more than usual for theatre. No one is hiring, or if they are, it's for amounts that I couldn't begin to think about affording to take or for positions that are basic no skills required stage management, which is definitely not what I want to do. We'll see what happens. I'm still waiting to here back about some things. I guess worse case scenario I take a job waiting tables or something. At least it will pay the bills!
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